ECIS International Teacher Certificate
ITC - International Teacher Certificate ITC
2ECIS International Teacher Certificate
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The ECIS International Teacher Certificate is designed to equip teachers with the global mind-set necessary for successful teaching in the 21st Century.

The ITC is an integrated, standards-based professional development experience assessed by Cambridge International Examinations. 

It requires in-depth critical thinking skills and reflective practice that is learner-centred and focused on authentic school-based activity.

The ITC is multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and cutting-edge.

The ITC is based on five standards:

Education in an intercultural context
Teaching competencies for the international teacher
The language dimension
Student transition and mobility
Continuing professional development as an international educator

The ITC is a one-year online program that features a three-day face-to-face institute hosted by international schools worldwide.

"I consider the ITC Discussion Forum as one of the strongest tools of this course. When I was starting and got stuck on something, or I wanted to refine an idea, I posted the question which eventually developed into a great discussion strand and this was very enriching to my teaching and learning."

Petra, ITC Graduate in China
ECIS International Teacher Certificate
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ECIS International Teacher Certificate

ECIS International Teacher Certificate
ECIS International Teacher Certificate
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